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Expert Centre of European Soccer. Is a company, which specializes in the area of professional soccer and youth soccer player development. E.C.E.S was founded on the values, and professionalism, which are essential to success. We collaborate with experts in the field of professional soccer, rehabilitation, sports psychology, business, and player development. Our company is ever growing and has created a bridge of knowledge, experience and services between Europe and North American.



Talent Identification and Professional Youth soccer player development

E.C.E.S Talent Identification and Youth Soccer Player Development Program are unique as the methodology was advanced through our sports scientist and professional experts.

The program is a scientific based methodology on the development of young athletes aged 6 -18. In this manner, we create the modern soccer player able to adhere to and succeed in a very competitive environment. In order to create the modern soccer player we need to focus on the age specific trainability, physiological growth through each stage, tactical understanding, technical skills and the mental preparation and adaptation to create a winning mentality along with training resilience.

We distinguish the needs in players located in North America who have great potential for development but never achieve this potential due to lack of specific training components needed when the player reaches. Developing the modern player is a complex process and the need to apply the correct training components at the appropriate stage especially through the 1st and 2nd growth spurt is vital.

Also, specializing in the development process for girls will imply the understanding of the different physiological and hormonal difference in boys and girls. Our training program distinguishes the process of training the appropriate physical, technical and mental attributes of the player.

Director and founder Nick Kounenakis.