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ECE-Soccer is focused on the development of the soccer player, aiming to improve all aspects of the physical, mental, technical, and tactical elements according to the latest scientific directions and the current stage of development.

Within this concept, training sessions are programmed according to the needs of each age group focusing mainly on the parameters that are correctly trained (age – trainability). This approach is performed based on the level of the youth soccer players progressing from simple to more complex activities with the appropriate methodology.

It has been recognized that the ideal period for training, not only for technical, technical-tactical qualities and cognitive capacity, but as well as several/specific physical abilities (i.e. coordination, balance etc.) is between the first and second growth spurt (between 9-10 and 13-14)

Our programs are created, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, and the specific needs to accompany the player. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to develop the high-level modern player.

Our professional coaches train national and international professional players who play at the highest level. Our aim is to assist boys & girls of all ages committed to improvement and success. We offer personal and group training sessions.

Based on the age-specific methodology, we will provide the players with the proper training program in order to train/increase the following parameters efficiently in a high level according to each age group.


Congratulations to Isabella Cook for being invited to the u 17 WNT camp in KC. Isabella is one of three players – along with AJ and Justin Reynolds – part of E.C.E.S performance training program, who have been selected to participate in the national team camp.  All players have shown tremendous discipline and commitment to improve physically and mentally on and off the field.



Oak Brook – McCook – Highland Park



Oak Brook – McCook – Highland Park






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FMS TESTING & RESULTS   (Includes a 6 week injury prevention and corrective program)

For players looking to identify functional limitations and asymmetries, who will then be able to correct the observed problems and be protected by injuries.

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