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Our training programs are focused on the development of the soccer player, aiming to improve all aspects of the physical, technical and mental elements according to the latest scientific direction. Within this concept our group, personal and team training sessions are
programmed according to the needs of each age group focusing on the necessary parameters that are correctly trained.

Our holistic approach is suited to the development stages where the player adapts efficiently using our dynamic system model of training. ECE-Soccer uses the Dynamic System model in accordance to the age and level of the player. Our approach is performed based on the level of the youth soccer players progressing from a simple to more complex activities with the appropriate methodology. We provide customized programs to players looking to reach high levels of performance. Our daily cognitive, skill and performance training sessions have assisted and improved multiple professional, collegiate and youth athletes dealing with the first and second growth spurts.

Our aim is too target and improve the performance of  athletes through personal and group training sessions by:

  • Improving the level of physiological and mental development.
  • Offer daily skill and performance, injury prevention, mental training and testings.
  • Preparing the athlete, particularly the younger age groups, to develop at all levels of training by respecting the different stages of learning, development and level of the player in the planning process.
  • Weekly integrated ball training sessions which are essential factors when dealing with young athletes.


  1. The recommended age for dedicated strength training is about 12 to 20 months after peak growth which coincides with hormonal changes.
  2. From the end of the second growth spurt, the isolated form of training becomes more important in developing training capacities.
  3. Control over balance and posture paces the emergence of all other skills, as skillful activity can occur only if players can consistently regulate that relationship to the environment.

Costs per session:

Personal Training $120.00

Small Group Training $45.00

Semi Private Training: $80.00




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