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We are extremely proud to present our Soccer Autism Program for children and adolescents with Autism Syndrome Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities in North America. Our program will play a significant part in every child and adolescents life, as there is a great benefit in sports and specifically soccer.  We are excited to serve the Chicagoland area by adding a unique curriculum created by experts in the field of sports science and ASD on how to assist people with autism through soccer training programs that cater to the individual’s needs and goals.

Physical movement plays a significant role in the person’s every day life and it is important to maintain structure, rules and regulations. Our soccer program is highly appropriate since the promotion of structure and rules assists the child in development.

Training sessions and games are aimed to set up individualized and achievable goals for all the participants after each evaluation has taken place.

Soccer Autism focuses on the cognitive and behavioral patterns through specified training methods. With our knowledge in soccer and autism, we will be able to support children and adolescents to participate in our program, by presenting a social script, which assists the child to understand the expectations of the game and how to function in a specific social situation.

Our team will also involve Speech Pathologists that would assist and provide the best communication tools needed for the individuals’ learning style.

The use of Occupational Therapists will support the fine motor and gross motor needs they may have and provide strategies for them to promote their successful participation in the program.



Our soccer-training program has shown to provide benefits for children on the Autism Spectrum in many ways. Routine exercise not only provides physical benefits but also social and mental benefits:

  • Support poor neuromuscular and delayed motor skills while improving hand eye coordination and perceptual issues.
  • Improves posture and strength through specific exercises
  • Stress handling and skills while functioning in a peer and group situation, following activity-specific rules, multi variant conditions and adaptation to ever changing circumstances
  • Assist in developing their social understanding and support them to cope in a structured activity.
  • Manage and reduce behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity, self-injury and destructiveness through training.
  • Improve their attention span and impulse control.
  • Improve social skills as they have difficulties engaging with their peers in a social setting. It will build their ability to read social cues, build up their social relationships with teammates and work with others to accomplish goals and build up confidence.
  • Supports them to establish a routine and they feel safe and less anxious.


“People with ASD deserve to be given every opportunity in life to experience soccer. With the right support we can make it happen!”

With our knowledge in autism, we will be able to support children and adolescents with ASD to participate in our soccer program. As people with ASD are visual learners; therefore, our training programs are set in a group environment where the child/adolescent will get both audio and visual stimulation along with empathetic coaching in regards to performance. This will assist in the following:

  • Adhering to rules and expectations.
  • Provides structure and a stress-free environment.
  • Giving them clear instructions and allowing them time to process rather than overloading them with verbal information.
  • Visuals also help with language and expectations.
  • We will be able to support them with sensory issues they might find challenging when participating in our sport program. Some of these can be teaching or using different equipment or being around a group of people and feeling overwhelmed or being too close to their space.


Along with the physical benefits, engaging in sports also offers the opportunity for individuals with autism to benefit from socializing, be that with teammates or with personal trainers.

Research shows that soccer has been shown to increase the size of the hippocampus and also stimulate brain cell growth, which could explain why physical activity can be so beneficial for people with autism.


Integrated training

Our Integrated program is a comprehensive training approach that strives to improve all components necessary to allow the child to achieve his/her goal through specific athletic and physical foundation.

Our training model deal with the following components which assist in the individual’s various mental and physical aspects:

  1. Core Stabilization Training
  2. Neuromuscular Stabilization Training
  3. Reactive Neuromuscular Training
  4. Integrated Strength Training
  5. Integrated Skill Training
  6. Integrated Speed Training
  7. Integrated Aerobic Training
  8. Decision-making
  9. Reaction
  10. Games


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