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Players looking for the opportunity to trial abroad will first need to submit their resumes, current schedule & player development history.

Scouting and evaluation reports are written while evaluating the player during ID camps, matches and training sessions.

The reports consist of detailed evaluations, which range from:

  1. Players attributes
  2. Intelligence & decision-making
  3. Speed & Performance
  4. Technical/tactical aspects (With and without the ball, with opponent & team mate etc.)
  5. Character Traits

At the end of the evaluation period, reports concerning the player(s) are gathered and entered into E.C.E.S’s database.

Through the company’s’ network, all information of the player’s attributes and monitoring are distributed to the club affiliated with the trial.

Professional Clubs

Professional clubs use their academies to produce players for the 1st team, either through the residential academies or international and local scouting network.

Clubs will look for players with certain criteria’s concerning their philosophy, development, and culture of the league.

E.C.E.S will submit a full evaluation (Video analysis and scouting report) concerning the player.

We understand the difference and the level needed to compete at the highest level.

The training program fully prepares the player to maximize his/her chances of recruitment.

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