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“Integrated training is a comprehensive training approach that strives to improve all components necessary to allow a client to achieve optimum performance. These components include aspects such as integrated strength & speed training, reactive neuromuscular co-ordination etc.”

Performance Training Programs

Our small group daily sessions  prepare, train and increase the level of performance in athletes. The process of training is targeted to improve the athlete’s performance in a competitive environment.  We use integrated training methods to develop,monitor and improve all components necessary for the specific age group.

Girls training program

It has been recognized that the ideal period for training several/specific physical abilities is between the first and second growth spurt.

Our unique program deals with the mental and physical development for girls of all ages. It is well documented that female athletes are more predisposed to ACL injuries due to the physiological growth spurt and various factors involved. We assist in applying prevention models, correct age specific conditioning and mental training through the different programs.

 Injury Prevention

A risk factor can be part of a set of numerous causes, which interact together creating a sufficient cause, which in turn produce a sports injury. Intrinsic risk factors refer to the qualities of a given athlete such as age, gender, somatotype, physical ability or performance. In general there are a variety of factors that could eventually result to an injury in various sport disciplines of physiological, psychological, and anatomical nature.

prevention program deals with boys and girls of all ages. We follow the latest prevention model  that incorporates the ideas of efficacy,efficiencyand compliancewith the preventive measure that should be taken into account providing the possibility to effectively evaluate the impact of the employed training regimes for the injury prevention.

 Sports Conditioning

“Coordination boosts psychomotor skills and enables athletes to perform predictable (automatic) and unpredictable (adapted) actions with precision and efficiency in terms of energy usage”

We process training to target and improve the performance of competitive athletes. Sports conditioning includes strength and aerobic capacity along with all aspects of fitness i.e. anaerobic capacity, repeated sprint capacity, change of direction, agility training, jumping ability, speed performance, flexibility, static balance, dynamic balance, neuromuscular coordination, strength and suppleness.

  • Strength + speed + agility + suppleness + flexibility
  • Balance + motor skills + aerobic-anaerobic endurance
  • Aerobic power + speed strength + technique
  • Pillar preparation + movement adaptation + plyometric energy
  • System development


Oak Brook – McCook – Highland Park – Hyde Park


  1. Small group sessions (4 – 8 players):
  2. 1 on 1 sessions


Oak Brook – Mc Cook – Highland Park – Hyde Park