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A player’s lifestyle and preparation play an important role in his/her daily routine. To reach a personal goal, the player requires a certain level of commitment, discipline, preparation, training habits and confidence.

In order to develop correct habits, we must take into consideration the certain repetitive methods needed for the physical and mental improvement of the player. The primary mode of communication will also determine how quickly and effectively the learning process will take.

In order to understand a player, a coach must first recognize the players:

  • Personality traits
  • Learning styles
  • Primary mode of communication
  • Language patterns
  • Strengths & weaknesses

PREPARATION FOR ELITE & PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS                                                          

Training correctly and preparing the foundation for a competitive mindset is an important factor for mental development at a young age.

Discipline, focus, and training habits are essential in reaching one’s goals. Each player should be reminded daily of their targets and should be coached in a way as to assist the individual in reaching the daily targets

It is essential to know a player’s primary mode of communication in order to coach him effectively. Each individual has language patterns, which inform us how he/she will processes information. These behavioral patterns will determine the method of coaching best suited for the individual.


To fully develop the right mentality towards training, we should first identify the player’s internal motivation, which then can coincide with the overall team’s values in an environment best suited for this.

An important role in understanding the modern player is to examine influencing factors such as the current development level, cultural background, personality traits, learning styles, behavioral patterns, training habits and the player’s environment.

Our goal orientation program assists the collective and individual in preparing a pragmatic method of goal setting.

  1. Identifying Goals
  2. Daily schedule
  3. Accountability

The duration of our coaching course, ranges from 6-10 weeks (sessions are one time per week) in which we cover all aspects of the individual’s daily schedule such as his/hers training habits, training program, nutrition and preparation to achieving specific targets.

Our mental preparation and goal orientation program is structured in accordance to the individual’s needs.

We assist players of all ages ranging from youth to professional.

  1. Learning to compete
  2. Mental preparation
  3. Creating a winning mentality
  4. Mental toughness
  5. Emotional control & stress handling
  6. Dealing with criticism
  7. Eliminating external negative factors
  8. Performing “outside the comfort zone”
  9. Confidence building


  • Language patterns
  • Primary mode of communication
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Learning modalities
  • Personality traits
  • Identifying external and internal motivators
  • Family environment
  • Cultural background
  • Social environment
  • Past and present sporting and development experience



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