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The choice of the goalkeeper is very important. He is vital to the development of the team. A high-level quality goalkeeper must have certain physical and technical, tactical cognitive, psychological, and anthropometric capacities.
The performance of a goalkeeper is based on fast and high-intensity actions throughout moments of the game.
The Goalkeeper must have game understand, and in the shortest time possible decide, and perform the right actions. This means his reaction and decision-making must be at a high level. Being attentive and determined he must continuously stay focused and demonstrate a strong personality in organizing the team and controlling the defensive line.
All the above actions must be explosive and rapid, therefore the goalkeeper must have strength, high speed, and coordination.



The technical and physical sessions must be based on the needs of the goalkeeper and of the team. After observing the activity and characteristics of the goalkeeper, the coach must improve his training habits and performance.
Equally important is the tactical situational training in order to create similar game-related situations. Verbal and gestural communication may prevent dangerous factors and bring tranquility and confidence to the team.



• Communicate with the goalkeepers (mental preparation and stress management)
• Plan and organize technical & tactical sessions
• Physically prepare goalkeepers
• Implement individual and collective training
• Evaluate goalkeepers
• Analyze the previous game (regarding the goalkeeper performance)
• Preparation for upcoming opponent
• Periodization of weekly, monthly, yearly program
• Micro cycle

The science of workloads and preparation are very important in development. Each age group should work on the basic fundamental training needed to develop the young athlete.
Random training sessions may momentarily provide improvement but without the basic foundation, which is essential, it is impossible for the goalkeeper to reach his full potential.


ARIAN BEQAJ “Working with E.C.E.S, we specialize in developing goalkeepers, to play at the highest level. Our focus is aimed at the long and short-term development program of the goalkeeper”.

Arian Beqaj in action for Albania against Argentina

Arian is currently the Goalkeeping coach of the National team of Cyprus. In the past, he has been the GK coach for Anorthosis Famagusta 1st team and GK director for the youth Academy in the Cyprus.
As a player, he has played in Albania, Greece, and Cyprus where he represented his club both in the UEFA Cup and Champion League group stages.
Arian has 45 appearances for his country where he has been awarded Footballer of the year and best foreign player award.