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ECE-Soccer runs a complete performance – skill – mental evaluation for players and teams looking to maximize their potential. Ergometric evaluations measure performance related fitness parameters through scientifically proven accurate, precise, and high quality testing protocols during both laboratory and field-testing situations.

The main purpose of our evaluations is to examine the physical, skill and mental levels of the individual along with the player’s strengths and weaknesses.

We do these by identifying the main components in the specific discipline and by running the appropriate tests to examine these fitness components. We are then able to determine and provide the necessary programs needed for improvement.

We offer youth, collegiate and professional players the opportunity to fully evaluate all components needed to perform and excel. The complete dynamic soccer player evaluation offers benefits such as:

  1. Identify weaknesses
  2. Training guidelines for performance and skill
  3. Injury prevention
  4. Provide feedback/increase motivation
  5. Maximizing performance
  6. Offers coach’s the necessary guidelines
  7. Safety and health related benefits
  8. Talent identification
  9. Long Term Athlete Development
  10. Mental performance

ECE-Soccer in partnership with Active Rehab and One Stronger will run the following tests:


Technical skill

Technical skills are one of the most important factors for Factors of Success in soccer. Being able to perform mastered technical skills increase the possibility of efficiently during exercises and games. High level of technique means performing under various psychological, physiological, environmental conditions, while being able to maintain a desired skill level.

Our on field-testing’s report will include position specific components, ball mastery, age specific technical skills etc.


Performance Evaluation Tests: (Opta Jump)

We provide a variety of testing procedures for different soccer disciplines, that are scientifically proven to be accurate and valid, aiming to maximize performance by identifying weaknesses and improve them, exercising with safety, increasing control of the training program etc. Our stations cover all fitness parameters such as strength, motor skills, speed , agility etc.


Mental evaluation 

Through our mental evaluation we examine the factors concerning the age specific development stages as well as behavioral and language patterns.

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