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Screenings and Fitness Evaluations

Even though regulations against the spread of Covid-19 mandate the temporary suspension of all youth and adult sports, including team activities and training, ECE Soccer maintains its screenings and evaluations pillar, always in accordance with governmental requirements.

ECE Soccer is currently running athlete screenings and evaluations, supporting in that way their athletes and encouraging them to maintain their fortitude and determination for their fitness and wellness.

ECE Soccer screenings and evaluations are defined by data-gathered evolutionary technologies that are trusted by elite organizations across Europe and North America.

Our goal is to create evidence based assessments in order to help young athletes identify their abilities and areas of improvement, facilitating more than ever before, a rapid development. Along this line, ECE Soccer is able to supply athletes with the necessary guidance for achieving full potential and reducing the feasibility of injury.


The evaluation and screenings consist of:

A cloud service marker-less computer vision and machine learning analysis helps athletes reduce injury risk and improve performance by using real time computer vision and machine learning analysis to measure:
1. Mobility, Stability, Jumping Ability, Strength,
2. Gait analysis and movement control according to evidence-based testing protocols.

Additional Fitness Testings we offer:

1. Speed Test (sensors and video capture)
2. Agility Testing (sensors)
3. Skill Testing (sensors and certified based point system)
4. Endurance Testing (Yo Yo intermittent LEVEL 1 -2)
5. Cognitive testing

Athletes are screened over the period of two day sessions and the duration of each session is 60 minutes. All data is collected for the ECE Soccer sports science department, that will then provide the necessary programs. Our experts are responsible for creating programs for u15/16/u17/18 National team players along with professional residential academies.

ECE Soccer data-driven evaluation system is using the latest scientific technology for player development and performance optimization. In accordance with the evaluating and screening report, ECE Soccer coaches provide customized workout programs that are accessible by any mobile device, upon request.

A re-evaluation process will be conducted after a 12 week period, where the player’s progress and improvement from data based training programs will be monitored.

The determination of an athlete over the goal of playing at collegiate level is crucial. Athletes need to be able to apprehend the demands and expectations of college coaches concerning strength and speed development and be able to compare the results to other elite athletes and teams of similar age and ability.

Screening & Fitness Evaluation Cost

1. Initial Screening + Evaluation + Training Program
2. Speed Test
3. Strength, Mobility, Stability, Movement Control
4. Agility Testing
5. Skill Testing
6. Endurance Testing
7. Cognitive testing


Depending on the evaluation results, our aim is to provide the athlete with 2-3 training sessions a week while providing supplemental injury prevention and stability exercises via our mobile app.

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