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Athlete Evaluations and screenings


ECE-Soccer complete dynamic soccer player evaluation measures all aspects of player development through scientifically driven and high quality on and off field-testing protocols. The NECESSARY purpose of our evaluations is to examine all physical and mental parameters associated with player development.  We do these by identifying the main components in the specific discipline needed to maximize the players potential. We are then able to determine and provide the necessary programs needed for improvement.

We offer youth, collegiate and professional players the opportunity to fully evaluate all components needed to perform and excel. Ergometric and evaluations provide the following benefits


  1. Identify weaknesses:To examine the players level and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Monitor Progress:Periodical fitness testing provides the coaches, sports scientist, and athletes with the advantage to examine the effectiveness of the players and teams training program.
  3. Injury Prevention:Individuals with underdeveloped physical conditions in soccer are predisposed to injury.
  4. Provide Feedback/increase motivation:The feedback provided by the obtained results may increase the motivation of the athlete to improve in the specific parameter knowing that testing will be repeated periodically throughout the year.
  5. Maximizing Performance: In the holistic approach the individual that is performing during soccer is a result of the combination of all aspects of soccer specific conditioning.
  6. Safety and Health related benefits: Testing procedures can provide us with the specific limits of the individual within a safely employed limit that will not lead to exertion capable of resulting in all kinds of injuries or even health related outcomes.
  7. Talent Identification:Scientific literature provides evidence that some parameters observed via ergometric evaluations regarding certain anthropometric characteristics and physiological capacities can result to talent identification.
  8. Long Term Athlete Development: The complete dynamic soccer player evaluation is essential to long term athlete development in soccer. The ability to recognize the talented athlete is only approximately 20% while correct training methods and age specific development are needed for an athlete to compete at highest level.

Ergometric – Fitness evaluations


Technical skill performance evaluation

Tactical – Position specific evaluation