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Soccer recruiting is a complex process. There are multiple requirements needed depending on the level and program of interest.

ECE-Soccer assists the athlete with the necessary steps needed to begin the process: We identify the programs and we increase the chances for the athlete to be recognized. The focus is on the player’s talent and past experience along with his/her academic level.

The National Athletics Association regulates NCAA and NAIA scholarships for both men and woman. There are approximately 787 men’s programs and 971 woman’s programs in the NCAA Division 1-2-3.

ECE-Soccer works in partnership with EFT Sports Performance aiding in the development of grade school, high school, and collegiate men and women soccer players in North America. EFT is a world-class training facility that caters to a wide variety of clientele, including professional athletes and collegiate/elite high school athletes.

Every year, we are committed to helping elite high school athletes improve and continue at the College level. We provide our athletes with information about the recruiting process and facilitate communication between the player and the college coaches.

We are proud of the men and women of all sports that have participated in our program and now play at the collegiate level in the USA.


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