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Our aim is to develop players of all ages in accordance to the player’s goal and objective. We look to long-term player development as a progression of stages.

In principle, the methodology adopted is based on the:

  • Level and age
  • Player’s attributes
  • Strengths & weaknesses,
  • Game understanding and problem solving.

We examine factors, which influence the development process at a young age such as, cultural training habits and lifestyle, so we may fully understand the player’s mentality towards training and games.

Different aspects are implemented at the appropriate age, in order for the player to develop. For example the introduction of goal orientation and automations of positional mobility movements are generally introduced at the U14 stages, after the appropriate preparation has been previously developed and concluded.

We emphasize on the dynamic technique of the player with the ball, individual development and decision-making. Specific repetitive drills are used to create new habits.



The current talent of the player’s technical ability, intelligence, decision-making and physiology are all processed and evaluated.

Part of the long-term development process is teaching the player to love, enjoy and have fun playing soccer at an early age.

Later on we introduce the principle of learning to train correctly and training to compete is an important factor in creating a winning mentality.

The development stages will follow in accordance to the age and level of the player. Attitude, nutrition and recovery, game understanding, decision-making and ball mastery are all equally important concepts to be learned, along with teaching the player to be accountable.

The end product consists of the players’ ability, to adapt and succeed in all situations and conditions. He/she must understand the roles and responsibilities within the team along with having the mentality, physical and technical ability needed to compete at the desired level.

The coach’s ability to execute, teach and educate is an important factor of development. Creating an appropriate training environment will enhance the intensity and competitiveness for both the team and player.

Along with the yearly plan, weekly micro cycles and training units constructed both for the team and individual goals, an additional visual aid should be used to correct and evaluate performances and trainings.