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E.C.E.S is proud to present our 2017 recreational and professional development soccer program, in partnership with the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago.

Our aim is to establish a soccer program within the Greek Orthodox community, which gives players the opportunity to develop their skills and game understanding. Our curriculum will accommodate players of all levels and ages, where the players will learn to train within the correct function of a development program.

Through our program, E.C.E.S and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago will hold an annual tournament where all parishes involved in the program, will compete against each other.

E.C.E.S provides a development program used in successful professional academies worldwide, for players who are looking to pursue a professional career or are determined to join a D1-2-3 College program.

Registration for our program runs throughout the year where players will participate in a 90-minute training session once a week. Training sessions will be held at our church facilities or nearby fields.


Weekly training sessions

Our training program is for players from ages u 6 – u 19. Training will be done in accordance to the development stage attributed to each age group.

For the younger players the training program covers the development of general motor skills with and without the ball. Through free play, co-ordination, ball skills and games, the player will adapt to the learning skills necessary for soccer. Fun and a passion for soccer are vital to the development process of the player. These sessions will consist of games and drills where perception is functional and the players learn through repetition and a variety of technical and tactical skills.

For the older players, we will focus on a team and goal-orientated session where specific movements, speed and strength are improved through functional games. We will focus on both technical and tactical aspects along with the necessary intensities needed to train. Motivation, lifestyle and self-confidence are important factors needed for the development of the individual.



We will be running soccer camps in partnership with the parish throughout spring and summer, where players will have the opportunity to attend our recreational and elite programs.


Please download

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Concussion information sheet.

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