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ECE-Soccer of Illinois Inc. is a training program, which specializes on the physical and mental development of youth and professional soccer players in Europe and North America.

Our experts and professional coaches are highly motivated individuals who have the experience and knowledge of working with world-class athletes and teams. Through our unique boys and girls mental and physical development programs we assist organizations, schools, men and woman’s professional, collegiate and youth players in supporting, teaching and achieving their goals.



E.C.E.S player development training programs are created and advanced through our sports scientist and professional experts.

The program is a scientific based methodology on the development of young athletes aged 6 -18. In this manner, we create the modern soccer player able to adhere to and succeed in a very competitive environment.

In order to create the modern soccer player we need to focus on the age specific trainability, physiological growth through each stage, tactical understanding, technical skills and the mental preparation and adaptation to create a winning mentality along with training resilience. Developing the modern player is a

complex process and the need to apply the correct training components at the appropriate stages.

Also, differentiating factors determine the development process and will imply the understanding of the different physiological and hormonal difference in boys and girls. Our training program distinguishes the process of training the appropriate physical, technical and mental attributes of the player in accordance to multiple variants such as history, culture, experience, background and potential.


A career spanned over 18-years, Nick has worked at the highest levels of professional soccer. He has worked with multiple top soccer organizations in Belgium, Greece, Holland, Cyprus, Slovakia North America both as a player and as part of the coaching staff. His international experience has allowed him to serve as a guest lecturer in a course at Adelphi University in NY.

Nick is the director of E.C.E-Soccer, which specializes in the physical and mental development of youth athletes. He works with experts in the field of player development and sports science where numerous youth and adolescents from all walks of life have achieved their goals through soccer using discipline, goal orientation and an appropriate lifestyle. He currently runs the training program in Chicago, Illinois where he teaches youth players the importance of self-development, mental toughness and creating a winning mentality . 

In 2019 Nick founded Soccer for Autism Inc., a non-profit organization which serves humanity through soccer. SFA assists children and young adolescents with ASD and Intellectual Disabilities through a unique soccer program. In addition, Soccer for Autism Inc. and E.C.E-Soccer assist reach out to assist athletes from diverse and multicultural backgrounds  around the Chicago land area.